Ableton Live:Batch keymap samples using sampler

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If you would like to import a large number of audio samples in Ableton Live and keymap them to individual keys , do these things.

1. Open up an instance of the Sampler instrument

2. Select all the audio files you would like to keymap at one time and drag them to the sampler.You can either do this by dragging samples from Lives session or arrange view or from a directory on your computer.

Ableton Live dropping samples to sampler.png

3. Select Zone and then select every zone by using Command A for Mac or CTRL A for Windows

Ableton Live sampler zone.png

4. Move the ends of the keymap display so the number of spanned keys is equal to the number of samples.

Sampler keymap span.png

5. Right click and choose Distribute Ranges Equally

Ableton Live distribute ranges equally.png

Ableton Live individual keymapped samples.png

The result should be each sample keymapped to it's own individual note.