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To edit an audio file into clips do these things.

From the arrangement window

First, make sure you are in the arrangement window view.You can do this by clicking the arrangement view icon Ableton Live arrangement track icon.png.

Then, import or drag and drop an audio file into an audio track if you haven't already done so.

Then select a part of the file you would like to turn into a clip by Left clicking your mouse and dragging over the desired are of the track.The selection will appear orange (image below). You might want to customize the Ableton Lives grid settings for this.

Ableton Live track selection.png

Then right click on the upper part of the track selection where the color bar is and choose Split

Ableton Live split menu.png

Repeat this to create as many split regions as you want. When you are done select the region(s) you created. You can select multiple regions at a time by holding the Shift key.

Ableton Live file with split regions.png

Use the copy key command. Command C for Mac or CTRL C for Windows.

Then switch to session view by clicking the session view selector icon. Ableton Live session view selector icon.png It is in the upper right of the arrangement window.

Select a clips section of an audio track (highlighted in orange in the image below) and use the paste key command (Command V for Mac or CTRL V for Windows)

Ableton Live empty track clips selection.png

The end result should look similar to the image below

Ableton Live clips on a track.png