Ableton Live:External MIDI device set up

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External MIDI

To set up an external MIDI device for Ableton Live follow these steps.

1. Make sure your in the session view window and Load the External instrument device onto an empty MIDI track or drag and drop it to the device drop area.

Ableton Live External instrument selector.png

Set the MIDI To option to the MIDI port your devices is connected to. Then set the Audio From menu to the audio input(s) that your MIDI devices are connected to.

Ableton Live External MIDI instrument parameters.png

Set the MIDI From (MIDI input) to receive on all inputs and channels.

Ableton Live MIDI track input.png

Make sure Auto monitoring and the Record enable buttons are both on.

Ableton Live auto monitoring and record enable buttons .png

If you play (trigger) your MIDI device you should now see the meter jump on the channel and hear the audio returning to Ableton Live.