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Arrange window

To add a fade to a track in Ableton Live you must first select the arrangement view selector (image below). Then click the drop down menu arrow next to the track(s) you wish to draw automation into. (image below)

Ableton Live track header with display icon and fold down menu highlighted.png

Then click the menu below the track drop down and set it to Fades {image below)

Ableton live fade track header.png

Two square nodes will appear at the beginning and end of your track. Click and drag them to create the fades you want.

Ableton fade node display.png

Ableton Live track with fade.png


Place two regions back-to-back and then drag one of the nodes in the direction of the other region

Ableton Live crossfades.png

Then click and drag the nodes to customize the crossfade.

Ableton Live crossfade .png

Clips window

To add fades to individual clips, use clip automation. See here