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Grooves are snapshots of transients from audio material; or note placement and velocity information from MIDI material that can then be applied to other audio or MIDI files. The most conventional use for this is to take the "Groove" of one drum performance and apply it to another as a way of capturing some of the "feel" of the former.


Extracting Grooves

To extract grooves right click (or CTRL click) on a MIDI or Audio file in either the arrange or session views. Then choose Extract Groove(s)

Ableton Live extract groove from audio file.png

Applying Grooves

You can apply any grooves you have extracted to any audio or MIDI data. To do this go to the clip view area (View/Session. Then click a clip) for a selected file and click the menu below Groove. The grooves you have extracted should be displayed there and will be named after the files they were taken from.

Ableton Live set groove.png

You can preview different Grooves by simply selecting them and playing the file. Once you want to apply it permanently you can click the Commit button.

Ableton Live commit groove.png

Groove Pool

All your Grooves will also appear in the Groove Pool window

Ableton Live groove pool.png


This is the beat subdivision that the groove and assigned clips get measured against


This is the amount of quantization that will be applied to assigned clips prior to being requantized by the groove.


This is how strong the groove effect will be on assigned clips


This invokes random timing fluctuations for "humanization" purposes


This is how much the grooves velocities will affect the velocities of the assigned clips

Global Groove Amount

This is an overall value that encompasses the strength of timing,random and velocities that are applied to all grooves