Ableton Live:Impulse drum module edit and adding of files

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You can edit files in Live's arrange window and add them to the Impulse drum module quickly and easily. (see video)

To do this first create an impulse instrument.

Ableton Live adding impulse in file browser.png

Then split the file you are using into sections you wish to add to the drum module.When you are selecting areas of the file you might have to change Ableton Live's snap settings to get the regions you want

Ableton Live split menu.png

Then drag it to the pad(s) of the impulse. You might need to first drag the audio file to the impulse track header in the arrange view for the impulse to appear (image below)

Ableton Live drag file to impulse track header.png

The Impulse drum module will then appear. Continues to drag the file to one of the pads.

Ableton Live dragging file to impulse pad.png

You can then trigger the sound by clicking the play icon in the pad, using a MIDI controller or by pressing the letters A-to-L on your computer keyboard (depending on which one is assigned to the respective pad)