Digital Performer:Assigning key commands

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Digital Performer Key commands window

To access a list of Digital Performers key commands go to Setup / Commands or use the key command Shift-L

1. In the search field type in the command you would like to find and click Search. Digital Performer will return the results highlighting the searched for command.

To assign key commands

1. Find the command you want to change.

2. Click the Mac Key 1 column

3. Press the desired key combination. It will be entered into the Mac Key 1 column. If you type a key binding that is already being used a dialog box will appear asking if you still want to use this assignment.

You can also use to groups of key commands by using the Mac Key 1 and Mac Key 2

To assign MIDI commands.

1. Find the command you want to change.

2. Click the MIDI Event column

3. Enter the desired MIDI event by moving or pressing the key on your MIDI controller. You can also specify the MIDI source by clicking the source column and selecting the specific MIDI device.