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Digital Performer's tools allow the user to manipulate and move audio, MIDI and other data.



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The tool palette can be accessed by going to Studio/Tools menu or the key command Shift O.

Pointer Tool

Digital Performer pointer tool.png This is used to select and move audio and MIDI data.


Digital Performer I beam tool.png Use the I-Beam tool to make time-range selections within an editor (Sequence Editor, MIDI Graphic Editor, Drum Editor, etc) or the Tracks Overview window. This works regardless of the type of data you are working with.


Digital Performer pencil tool.png Use the pencil tool to insert MIDI information (such as notes) and automation data. The Reshape Curve determines the type of curve the pencil tool draws.

Insert/Reshape Curve

Digital Performer reshape flavor.png Use the Insert/Reshape Curve to determine the type of shape the pencil tool draws

Reshape tool (R)

Digital Performer reshape tool.png Use the reshape tool to change the shape of existing MIDI controller and automation data.

Reshape Action (Mode)

Digital Performer reshape action tool.png The Reshape Action tool is used to determine how data is affected by the reshape tool.

Rhythm brush

Digital Performer Rhythm brush tool.png The Rhythm brush tool is used to draw in patterned hits (notes) within the drum editor


Digital Performer zoome tool.png The Zoom tool is used to zoom in or out on a selection. To zoom in on a track double click on it repeatedly until the desired zoom level is reached. Hold the Option key while clicking to zoom back out.


Digital Performer scrub tool icon.png The scrub tool is used to scrub the playback of data within an audio or MIDI track.

Insert Loop

Digital Performer loop tool.png Use this tool to insert a loop to a track.Do this by clicking and dragging horizontally in the marker strip

Mute Soundbites

Digital Performer mute tool.png This tool mutes individual soundbites (audio files/regions).


Digital Performer scissor tool.png The Scissors tool is used to split a MIDI region or soundbite (audio region).This tool can make consecutive splits based on the current grid value by simply dragging this tool over the region you want to split. (with edit grid turned on)


Digital Performer trim tool.png The Trim tool lets you extend or retract the edge of a soundbite, or in the case of selected automation points, it allows vertical movement while retaining their relative positions.


Digital Performer roll tool.png The Roll tool allows you to edge edit the end of one soundbite and the beginning of another at the point where the two soundbites come together.


Digital Performer slip tool.png This tool allows you to edge edit the start and end of a soundbite without changing the position of a soundbite in the track.


Digital Performer slide tool.png Use this tool to move the position of a soundbite while leaving the soundbites audio at the same playback time.


Digital Performer comp tool .png This tool is used to create a composite track from multiple takes in an audio track.