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To access the undo history go to Edit / Undo History


Undo Window Display

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This is a description of the editing action that took place.


This tells you when the action accurred


This shows the day,month and year of the action.


A branch is a set of actions that are offshoots of a previous undo. In other words since Digital Performer lets you undo actions, you can initiate an action, undo it and initiate a different action and then revert back to the same undo point.This can continue over and over again hence creating offshoot "branches" of actions related to a single undo point.

This column indicates whether a branch has taken place within an undo history timeline.It is displayed as an arrow which unfolds a sub menu of the "branched" edits.


This is the amount of RAM needed to remember the action.


This is the amount of hard drive space the action needed to use to remember the action.