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"Recorderman" is a drum technique that comes from a user of the same name who posts on the recording.org forums and is credited with popularizing the technique written below. [1]


Mic Placement

  1. Place the "Left" overhead mic directly over the center of the snare at the height of two drum sticks-held end-to-end(from the center of the snare, straight up, to the capsule of the mic).
  2. Next; take the drum sticks (still held end-to-end) from the center of the snare over to above your ( i.e." the drummers") right shoulder and place your "right" overhead mic here.
  3. Listen with headphones and have the drummer hit his kick drum while the sound engineer adjusts the mix panning of both mic signals until the kick is centered.However, you should be able to pan both signals hard left and hard right with the result being the snare and kick remaining in the center position of the mix


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