E-mu Proteus:Reset factory default patches

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Possible answers

  1. Hold both CURSOR KEYS (Arrow Keys) down and turn on the POWER at the same time. Hold the cursor keys until the unit boots up in the DIAGNOSTIC test menu.
  2. Let go of the CURSOR KEYS. Turn the DATA WHEEL to the right until you see INITIALIZE USER DATA as the menu choice.
  3. Press the HOME/ENTER button twice.
  4. Upon completion of the reinitialization process you should see in the display 'Calibrate Knobs'. If you wish to calibrate knobs then press Home/Enter twice and follow the directions in the display. Otherwise turn the unit off and on again and begin using it normally.

  1. Power off the Proteus unit.
  2. While pressing and holding down the "Master" and "Edit" buttons on the Proteus, power on the unit.
  3. The Proteus unit powers up and displays "DIAGNOSTICS".
  4. Scroll through the diagnostic menu to the item "Initialize".
  5. Press the "Enter" button to select the initialize function.
  6. Press "Enter" again to perform the initialization.
  7. When completed, power off/on the Proteus unit.