How to Make Cables

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Crimp pliers
A crimp tool
RCA cables

RCA cables, used in home television, Computers, consoles, mixers, amplifiers and other audio equipment that gets modified electrically may require a good cable for sound fidelity. Cables bought in stores may cost a lot more than what you can make with the basic material.

Things you'll need

  • Lengths of wire with respectable gauge
  • Wire strippers
  • Cutters
  • A crimper
  • Connectors
  • A solder iron
  • (Leadless) Solder
  • Heatshrink tubing


  1. Cut your cables to the length you need.
  2. Strip the ends by turning the wire stripper 360 degrees clockwise than counter-clockwise to ensure a nice cut, then pull it out.
  3. Put on some solder to the exposed part of the wire.
  4. Insert two heatshrink tubing about one inch long each onto your cable.
  5. Put on your connectors.
  6. Crimp them firmly.
  7. Add some more solder.
  8. Solder another length of cable if you have a ground pin.
  9. Heat the shrink around the connector
  10. Test with a ohmmeter and a "load".


  • Calculate the length of wire you need and add a little extra. Cables should not be dangling or enrolled onto itself. When cables cross each other, it creates interference.
  • Calculate the gauge according to the length of the cable and the amount of impedance it will carry.