How to Make Cat-5 Braided Audio Cables

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A cat-5 cable

Using Cat-5 wires may be a way of saving a few bucks and getting a few blisters to achieve a 10 gauge wire, if you're up to the task.

Things you'll need

  • 14 lengths of cat-5 cable with Teflon insulation (cut 1/5 more than what you need)
  • The complete attire to make a normal cable


  1. High quality RCA connectors
    Remove the blue/orange jacket on the cables. You now have 56 pairs of cables.
  2. Discard one of the pair. You need only 54 pairs. Keep it for another project or recycle the metal at a local scrapyard for some bucks.
  3. Braid three pairs of wire together. Repeat until you have 18 braids (54 pairs divided by 3).
  4. Braid three trios of braided wire together. Repeat until you have 6 branches.
  5. Braid three branches together. Repeat until you have a pair. One will be used for left, other for right channel.
  6. Separate the solids and the striped wires in both branches, strip and twist them together. One twist will be used as ground.
  7. Put some solder on the ends.
  8. Put the heatshrink tubing.
  9. Put the connectors on the ends and crimp them in place.
  10. Put more solder.
  11. Solder the ground pin.

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