Logic: Creating a screenset

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Logic creating a screenset

Screensets in Logic allow you to assign window arrangements to computer keyboard number keys. This is done so you can facilitate your own custom work flow.

1. Choose a number you would like to assign as a screen set and push it on your computer keyboard (I.E. 1,2,3,etc..)

2. Go to Screenset at the top menu and click and open it.

3. Unlock it (if it is locked). You can tell if it is locked by the unlock menu item being displayed. Click "unlock" if it is displayed. If it says "Lock" leave it alone

4. Open and arrange any windows in the order you would like to save them as.

5. Lock the screen set ( Screenset/Lock )

6. Now whenever you push the respective screenset number on your keyboard your screen set will be displayed.

Repeat this procedure using other number values to make additional screensets