Logic: Multi takes and composite tracks

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Video tutorial

Logic:Multi takes and composite tracks

To record multiple takes to a logic audio track and then compile them follow these steps.

  1. Set the input of the audio track(s) you wish to to record your multiple takes to.
  2. Create a cycle to span the length of time for the takes (the cycle span is the green block in the image below).
  3. Begin recording your takes

The process should look similiar to the image below.

Logic 8 recording multi takes.png

Once you're done recording the end result should look similar to this image below.

Completed multi takes in logic.png

Select the region and click the arrow next to the name of the take file. (Displayed in the image below)

Logic Take file arrow and name.png

Logic Take file arrow.png

You should now see all your takes unfolded.

Logic unfolded takes.png

Now, if you make selections to the parts of each take ( highlighted in blue in the image below) and push play on the transport, you will hear each selected section.

Selected multi tracks for composite Logic 8.png

Once you have all the selections of each track you wish to compile, you can compile it in one of two ways , either refold the track by clicking the Logic multi take arrow .png‎ icon (to the left of the track name).


Click the Multi take logic arrow (right).png icon and choose one of the following options.


This will create a new track with cross fades in between each region.

Logic crossfaded composite track.png

*Flatten and merge

This will create a digital mix down of the individual selections hence creating a new audio file.

Digital mixdown of multi takes Logic 8.png