Melodyne: Exporting audio as MIDI

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Melodyne 3: Exporting audio as MIDI

Melodyne has the ability to analyze the pitch of an audio performance and then export this information as a MIDI file with the respective note information.

To do this follow these steps.

Select File / Save Audio To MIDI

Melodyne Save audio to MIDI Menu.png

You will see a pop up window that looks like the image below.

Melodyne Audio To Midi pop up window.png


This determines if the MIDI file is quantized on export or not. You can choose to quantize the notes on export by clicking and holding this option and choosing "quantize for notation".


This determines the range of the song that Melodyne will scan and create a MIDI file from. Click the menu to see the available options.

Channels and Save each track as a single file

These options determine if you want to convert individual tracks to MIDI files or the complete song.

After you've made the appropriate settings click Save as.