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Melodyne 3.2.2: Making a Tempo Map

This tutorial uses Melodyne version 3.2.2.

A tempo map is used to sync midi tempo information with variable tempo audio material.

Open the arrangement editor

1. First Import or record your audio into Melodyne and open the arrangement editor. The image below is of a 4/4 4 bar drum performance that has a fill at the beginning and small fluctuations in tempo

Melodyne Waveform 1.png

Check Variable Tempo Edit Mode

2. Make sure Variable Tempo Editing Mode is checked. This option is available in the edit menu (shown below)

Variable Tempo Edit Mode.png

Turn Off Quantization

3. Make sure quantize is turned off. you can do this by clicking the quantize function in the upper right corner until it is light grey.

Quantize On

Quantize On (1).png

Quantize Off

Quantize off (1).png

Line up Tempo Markers

Now click on the bar line that is closest to the down beat of the audio. In our case it's bar 2 on the time display. Once you click you should see a blue line appear. Click and hold the blue line and move it to the down beat of the audio. In our case we have a fill before the down beat so we are going to put the blue line after the fill.

Before and After

Melodyne Tempo marker before and after 2.png

Now you simply need to continue repeating this pattern for evey bar of the audio material.


Melodyne Tempo marker repeat 1.png


Melodyne Tempo marker repeat 2.png

The end result in our case would look like the image below.

Notice the tempo changes between bars

Melodyne tempo map Finished.png