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Pro Tools creating markers (memory locations)

To create markers (memory locations) follow these steps.

Make sure the marker display is visible in the ruler bar in Pro Tools. Go to View > Ruler > Marker

Pro Tools view menu markers.png

You can then place markers by pushing the Enter key (mac) on the numeric keypad

A dialog will appear and you can name the marker as well as define some additional properties.

Pro Tools marker settings box.png

Markers are one of many properties of what are called memory locations which store additional time based information.

You can access memory locations from the Memory Locations window.

Time Properties


This recalls a timeline references that can be either Bar/Beat/Tick or a sample based reference ([[absolute time|absolute)


This saves an edit selection that can be retrieved from the memory locations window


Ignores time properties.

General Properties

General properties are pieces of information that get stored with memory locations.


The number can be used to reorder markers or to overwrite existing memory locations


This names the marker

Zoom Settings

The current zoom setting gets stored along with the marker.

Pre/Post Roll Times

The current Pre and Post roll times get stored with the marker

Track Show/Hide

This recalls tracks that are hidden

Track Heights

Track height gets stored with marker

Group Enables

Recalls which Edit and Mix Groups are enabled.

Window Configuration

This recalls the current window configuration.

Memory Locations window

You can access the memory locations window by going to Windows > Memory locations

Pro Tools 8 memory locations window.png

The view filter allows (shown below) you to hide memory locations based on the properties they contain.If a memory location has more than one property associated with it you will need to select both properties to hide it from the list

Pro Tools memory locations view filter.png

From left to right they are:

Marker, Edit selection, Zoom settings, Pre/Post roll, Show/Hide,Track heights,Active Groups, and Window configuration

Change default time reference

To set the default memory location time reference in Pro Tools you need to select a different time reference in the Pro Tools ruler bar (image below).

Pro Tools time marker time reference.png

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