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Instrument recording techniques

This article documents techniques for recording specific instruments.Recording techniques are very subjective.Please add your techniques with references when possible.


Guidelines and considerations

  • The sound of the saxophone emanates from every hole in the instrument in completley different proportions for each note.
  • Don't mic the bell directly if you want a full sounding instrument with the higher frequency elements. Miking the bell directly will sound "stuffy".

Microphone placement

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Referenced techniques

  • Place a large diaphragm condenser microphone 12-16 inches away from the instrument gives an authentic sound.[1]
  • Place a ribbon microphone roughly half way up the keys and pointed down at the bell.[1]
  • Place a ribbon microphone neck or face high and pointed down at the instrument[2]
  • Place a microphone slightly above the head of the player, three feet in front (away) and about 30 degrees to the left of him or her. [2]
  • Place a microphone between 18 and 24 inches in front of the palyer and point it at the left hand of him or her.[2]

Unreferenced techniques

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