Yamaha Motif ES: Simplified operation tutorial

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This tutorial is designed to give the reader a quick and simple overview on how to access the 16 MIDI channels of the MOTIF ES and how to assign different patches to them. For more in-depth information on how to customize the internal sounds see the owners manual.


Multimode on the Yamaha Mofit ES is a multitimbral mode that is a saved snapshot of all patches assigned to all 16 MIDI channels as well as other channel related parameters. In other words when you are in multi mode the preset displayed on the front screen encompasses a snapshot of all 16 midi channels with their respective patch (voices) assignments as well as other settings. To access and edit the parameters stored inside the Multi Mode preset do the following.

  • Make sure the Multi button is pushed and is lit up orange.
  • Select a preset you wish to edit by selecting it using the scroll wheel.
  • Press the Multi button until it is red.

This takes you "inside" the preset you were just looking at.

Move the < page > buttons to access The different menus.

once you're in a menu push the following buttons to navigate:

  • < page >
  • (hold down) Shift push: <part>
  • The up and down arrows to the far left next to the scroll wheel.

After you push the < Page > buttons you will see the menu names listed in the upper right of each respective menu. They are

  • Voice

This menu is where you choose which patch (voice) gets assigned to which channel.

  • Output

This is where you change the volume and pan of each channel

  • Effect

This is where you add effects and change effect settings for each channel.


After you change your settings you need to "store" them . To do this: Hold down Shift and push Store You will then be prompted to push Enter Twice